proportion (n): the relationship that exists between the size, shape,
and position of something a garment to you, especially your t-shirt.
We are all different body types, but most brands offer only one fit. Inconsistent sizing means I wear three different sizes in the same brand. Those brands all seem to claim their shirts are pre-shrunk yet they become unwearably short after the first wash. And you're lucky if what you end up with is actually quality fabric.
I spent the last three years of my life getting my hands dirty in every aspect of the t-shirt development and production processes in order to create a truly better t-shirt for all men. This is my answer to the cliche of the "perfect tee". This is Proportion.
The only destination for men seeking uncompromised fit, quality and consistency in their t-shirts.
Welcome to Proportion.
Brooks Cook, Founder
Three Different Fits. One will fit like it was made for you.
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Three Staple Fabrics for every Season and Mood.
Seasonal Style: The Side Split.
Inside the Production Studio.
Inside the Production Studio.
Why I started Proportion.
100% Made in Los Angeles
The Company
Since 2017, Proportion Clothing has been committed to a sole focus - what it means to create a better t-shirt for all men. After years of research and development, trail and error, and challenging traditional production processes of the t-shirt industry, we have created a truly exceptional t-shirt across the board. All 100% made by us in Los Angeles, CA.
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