A Note from Me


T-shirts have been and always will be a staple of my wardrobe. Over the years, I purchased countless t-shirts in all different price categories trying to find one that I was really happy with.

My ask was the same every time - I wanted a t-shirt to fit well, and I wanted to be confident that if it gets thrown in the wash with any heat, it would still be wearable. If I got lucky enough to find a t-shirt that met those requirements, I wanted to be able to buy the same one every time and have it fit the same.

My closet drawers became full of t-shirts, but I never really wanted to wear any of them. Everything that fit at purchase had shrunk, most were never long enough, those that were long enough lacked in other categories. Anytime I thought I found something I liked, when I bought it again it didn't fit nearly as well, and I didn't have the patience to buy three and return two every time in the hopes that one would fit properly.

I wanted to crack this code of why everyone seemed to market the "perfect tee," yet everyone seemed to fall short on their claim.

I spent the last three years learning everything I could about the development and production of a t-shirt. I learned to make and adjust patterns, cut and sew, and develop and finish fabric. I dove into the technicals of shrink and torque in knits (particularly cottons) and how fabrics react to different processes during different stages of the production cycle. I went all in to try and understand the inner workings of the industry and the cause of these pain points that I was consistently experiencing, so that I could do it better.

What I found the one perfect tee for everyone doesn't exist. There are too many different body types and personal preferences out there. BUT, done right, a line of different fits and different fabric options could cater to the vast majority. Additionally I found ways to change the industry adopted production norms of tshirt manufacturing in order to deliver a product that actually doesn't shrink and is consistent purchase after purchase.

Welcome to Proportion.

I hope with all the development that went into the different fits and fabrics, you will find a t-shirt in our line that you love; with our focus on consistency and quality, you will be able to buy confidently and wear time and time again, and ultimately, that you won't have to search for that perfect tee ever again.

I wear a fit 01 size 40 in Proportion and I couldn't be happier with every aspect of these t-shirts... The only question I have is which Proportion T-shirt is for you?

Brooks Cook, Founder
The Company
Since 2017, Proportion Clothing has been committed to a sole focus - what it means to create a better t-shirt for all men. After years of research and development, trail and error, and challenging traditional production processes of the t-shirt industry, we have created a truly exceptional t-shirt across the board. All 100% made by us in Los Angeles, CA.
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