Proportion Clothing

FW 2020 Campaign

FW 2020 celebrates the launch of our ready-to-wear line of t-shirts. Our launch campaign focuses on our three signature fits. Our models illustrate three vastly different body types finding an effortlessly tailored look in each of our three unique fits.

What makes a good fitting shirt for not just one body type, but for all the vastly different body types of all men.

After three years of finding common attributes in body types through custom fitting, developing, testing and refining different fits, we have arrived at our signature three fits.

Fit 01

Modeled by Blake J. Carr

Three years in the making, in pursuit of "a quality fit for all," we bring to you three different fit options - one of which will fit like it was made for you.

Fit 02

Modeled by Brandon Paris

Fit 03

Modeled by Charley Santos

Proportion Clothing
FW 2020 Campaign

Directed by Brooks Cook and captured by Rowan Daly.
Special thanks to Victoria Salisbury and Lauren Ouye.

The Company
Since 2017, Proportion Clothing has been committed to a sole focus - what it means to create a better t-shirt for all men. After years of research and development, trail and error, and challenging traditional production processes of the t-shirt industry, we have created a truly exceptional t-shirt across the board. All 100% made by us in Los Angeles, CA.
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